Your Child Deserves A Secure Future

Turn to us for child support law services in Amherst, NY

Child support is a safeguard for your child's future and is based on the finances available to both parents. If you're struggling with this part of your divorce, Kate Johnson Law in Amherst, NY offers child support law services. You'll work closely with our local child support attorney to make sure your child's needs are met.

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Child Support Modification

If you've already filed for child support and have calculated income incorrectly, or if your financial circumstances have changed, we can help arrange a child support modification order. Modifying child support will either increase or decrease the amount in support payments based upon your situation.

Conversely, if you're obligated to pay child support and your financial situation has changed, it's imperative that you act quickly to get your child support modification secured.

Helping you seek support for your child

Helping you seek support for your child

When you need assistance with child support, turn to us. Our local child support attorney will:

  • Guide you through the filing process
  • Identify instances where additional actions are needed
  • Assist you if you've filed for support incorrectly or inaccurately

If you inaccurately reported your income or your financial status has changed, we can help you file a child support modification order to address your concerns. Contact us now for child support law services.