How Can You Protect Your Assets?

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Living Trust vs Wills - Choosing what's right for you

A last will is adequate for individuals with limited assets, no children, or only adult children. If you have assets to protect and/or minor children, you should have an estate plan based on trust. The benefit of a trust is to avoid probate and save you and your loved ones a great deal of money and headaches. It also gives you the control and leverage to manage your assets and property in a resourceful way that a Will-based plan cannot.

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The benefits of an estate plan

The benefits of an estate plan

A last will and testament are beneficial for people with few assets, no children or only adult children. In more complex scenarios, like people with minor children, it's best to have a comprehensive estate plan in place. Having an estate plan in place can help you:

  • Reduce court fees when you pass
  • Create a plan for your children's futures
  • Protect your property and ensure it passes to your family

With an estate plan, you can create trusts to avoid probate court and benefit your children's futures. It will also give you a clearer way to control your assets in a meaningful way. Speak to attorney Johnson now if you need an attorney for will drafting.